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Dodge Oil Filter

It is the Dodge oil filter that is replaced more often than any other component of your car or truck. This routine maintenance is required so the engine you have can be kept in proper running order for an extended period of time. The main purpose of the oil filter on your Dodge engine is to remove the carbon deposits from the oil that are produced when the fuel is being burnt. There are a considerable amount of fine particulates that are produced by all engines, and that is the reason for continuous changing of the oil filter every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. At that point, the filter element is becoming clogged up with these fine particulates and will no longer be able to filter them out of the oil supply. If the Dodge oil filter is not replaced, it will automatically go into the bypass mode which closes the filter off from the oil and absolutely no filtration occurs. This is a safety procedure so oil flow will continue to the vital parts of your engine. At that point, you are circulating unfiltered, particulate-rich oil. There are some fine particles that can be, in some instances, too small for even the best oil filter. This is another reason why the oil also has to be changed. The oil itself may be contaminated to the point it has to be removed from your Dodge. This oil can be recycled after it is removed from the engine, but it is not recommended for reuse in an engine. There are other uses for recycled oil. The oil filter for your Dodge is a disposable part. The filter element of this component cannot be cleaned effectively for it to be reused, so replace it whenever necessary.