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The design of the Mercedes-Benz oil filter was created to protect the engine by removing as many of the particulates from the engine oil as possible. It is the paper element inside of the oil filter that accomplishes this task. The oil filter on each Mercedes-Benz that is manufactured is recommended to have its oil and the associated filter changed every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. This recommendation corresponds with the average time required for the paper element of the oil filter to begin to become clogged with carbon particulates the engine produces. By using synthetic oil, the length your car can travel between changes doubles. If the Mercedes-Benz oil filter is not changed as scheduled, the oil will still continue to flow through your engine. But after some time no more filtering of the oil will occur. The change that will occur is that once the paper element in the oil filter is saturated with the carbon particles, a check valve will close do to the increase in pressure required to push the oil through the filter. Once it reaches a predetermined level the check valve will close off the filter and the contaminated oil will flow freely in your Mercedes-Benz engine. The logic behind allowing contaminated oil to flow through the engine is that this oil is better than less oil or no oil at all. This makes it possible for all the moving parts to receive the amount of lubrication they require. The danger to the engine is that the carbon particulates being to score the bearings which will cause damage if this situation is allowed to proceed for too long of a period. The regularly changing of your oil filter is to help keep the oil as clean as possible. This will lengthen the life span of your Mercedes-Benz for as long as possible without the high cost of repairing a damaged engine.