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Oil Pan Drain Plug

Aftermarket & OEM Oil Pan Drain Plug

What good would your oil pan be without a drain plug? It certainly wouldn't hold any of your engine's vital oil if it were missing... that's for sure. Additionally, if your oil pan didn't come with a drain plug, then how exactly would you perform an oil change? We aren't completely sure, but it would definitely be a messy procedure. Thankfully, by including this little bolt and gasket with each pan, we can drain the oil every 3,000 to 5,000 miles (or more if you run synthetic oil) and replace it with clean lubricant. Occasionally, we may drive over some very rough roads, speed bumps, or irregular terrain. This poses a threat to the oil pan, and if any part of it gets bent, gouged, or scraped then you run the risk of not being able to loosen that plug. If that is the unfortunate case, then you'll have to get a new oil pan... and make sure a drain plug is included.

The earliest engines required regular additions of oil in order to maintain proper lubrication. It wasn't until a few decades of manufacturing automobiles before oil pans were introduced to hold an excess of oil. A pan would hold about a gallon of oil at the very bottom of the block, and the crankshaft would revolve through the sump and pick up a small amount of oil. It would be then distributed throughout the engine internals and lubricate them. Thankfully, oil pan drain plugs were also introduced so that dirty oil could be drained when the engine was serviced.

Oil pan drain plugs are simple to remove and install. They are essentially a bolt with a hexagonal head that screws right into a threaded hole in the oil pan. A copper crush washer seals the joint between the drain plug and the oil pan so that none of the oil can leak out. It is important to torque this plug to a specific amount when it is installed, so make sure you observe manufacturer's specifications and recommendations. That also means that when removing it from the pan, you may have to use a breaker bar or impact driver.

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