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Leaking oil? Replace your oil pan gasket.

The oil pan holds excess oil from your engine, and your oil pump is housed in a sump at the bottom of the oil pan. The oil pain is bolted on to the bottom of the engine with a gasket to ensure a tight seal. If you have a leaking oil pan gasket, you will notice oil spots in your driveway, and possibly smoke coming from oil hitting one of the exhaust pipes. A leaky oil pan gasket can cause your engine to run with less oil, which can potentially be damaging to the engine, meaning many trips to auto parts store to buy more oil, and maybe even expensive auto repairs. One indication that your car is low on oil is an indicator light for low oil, although by the time this light comes on, your car is already very low on oil, and the car should not be driven until the problem is repaired. An oil pan gasket should be replaced sooner rather than later, not only to ensure that your driveway stays clean, but so your car maintains all of its life blood, which is oil.

What oil pan gaskets do.

New Oil Pan GasketOil and oil pans have been a part of automotive technology since the birth of the internal combustion engine. Automotive engineers needed a way to keep engine parts lubricated at high temperatures. Oil pan gaskets can come in all different shapes and sizes depending on your vehicle, and they can be made from cork, rubber, or a composite material. Some modern vehicles even use a liquid gasket material. It is best to check with your parts dealer before purchasing a gasket for your oil pan to make sure that you buy the correct gasket for your year, make, and model of vehicle.

Tips on doing it right.

If you find that you have a leaking oil pan gasket, we always recommend taking it in for professional service. However, with just a little know-how and all the right tools, this installation is easy enough for the shade tree mechanic, as long as you practice proper safety precautions.
  • First, raise the car up to access the oil pan. If you are working underneath the vehicle, always support it with jack stands.
  • Next, drain the oil from the vehicle using the oil drain plug located at the bottom of the oil pan.
  • Then, you can loosen all of the bolts circling the oil pan, and expose the gasket.
  • You will then want to scrape all of the old gasket material off of both the engine and the old oil pan.
  • Now you are ready to install the new oil pan gasket and reattach the oil pan to the engine. Pro tip: if your gasket is sliding around, use a few dots of RTV sealant to attach the gasket to the oil pan.
  • Screw the oil pan bolts down in three increments to ensure even tightening.
  • Finally, replace your oil, and check for leaks.

Great parts, better prices.

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