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The Dodge oil pan on your engine should last the life of the vehicle unless it is damaged. This damage can occur from something hard coming in contact with it from below. For trucks that play in the dirt from time to time, it is generally a boulder or rock. Because of the restraints of the engine, a dented or cracked oil pan on your Dodge should be replaced and not repaired. In most instances the repair will reshape the pan and a good seal on the bottom of the engine will not then be possible. The changing of a Dodge oil pan is a simple but messy procedure. First all of the oil must be drained from the engine. Then the oil pan bolts need to be removed. Once removed, all of the old gasket material must also be removed. This included where the polymer seals are on the end bearings. This is done so the new seal can be made and no oil will then leak from your engine. Many owners of Dodge cars and trucks also inspect the crankshaft and bearing for wear and damage at this time. If the damaged oil pan has made contact with any of those parts like the oil suction tube, replacement might be warranted. Once the new gasket and seal are placed on the new oil pan it can be mounted into place on your Dodge vehicle. This should be done just like the head or the valve cover gasket. The inner bolts should be put into place first then alternating sides the technician should work their way outwards. If one side is tightened then the other, the new pan could become warped and the sealing of the bottom of your engine might not be possible and an oil leak can occur.