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A new Pontiac oil pan will not necessarily improve the performance of your vehicle. But if the old one is damaged, a replacement will keep your engine's oil supply concentrated in one place and not leak. This is the engine component on your Pontiac that is located at the bottom center of the engine. It covers the crankcase along with the bearings in the lower section of the engine. The design and placement of the pan makes it possible to remove and/or replace it without the engine being removed from the vehicle. The two leading reasons for the replacement of the oil pan on a Pontiac is if it was punctured from coming in contact with an object that was on the road or someone who changed the oil over tightened the oil plug and stripped the threads on it. In either situation, the procedure for replacing the oil pan is the same. It has to be removed along with all of the gasket material that is present. Once the old oil pan is off, an inspection of the internal components it covers should occur. If an object pierced the old pan, the oil pump suction tube should be inspected to make sure it is not damaged that might impede the flow of oil into the engine. Once the inspection is completed the new Pontiac oil pan can be put into place along with all of the new gaskets and seals. The tightening of the oil pan in place is critical so you do not warp it. Just like the cylinder head, you should begin the center bolts and move your way outward alternating sides when tightening them. This will help you to achieve a perfect seal on the bottom of your Pontiac engine when you are done.