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Aftermarket & OEM Oil Pressure Sender & Switch

Your vehicle is equipped with several devices designed to protect your engine, and one of them is the oil pressure sender unit. If this component is defective it may affect a lot more functions on your vehicle than you may be aware of. Some people think that the sole purpose of this component is to provide an input to your oil pressure indicator. Depending on the vehicle and manufacturer, some oil pressure switches serve multiple functions, such as providing power to other components on your vehicle. On some vehicles, they actually are used to provide an auxiliary power source to fuel pump assemblies, and if the switch is defective it can be very confusing to your average trouble shooter. Your fuel pump can continue to run even when the vehicle is turned off, draining your battery - which is surprising to most people. The most important function of the pressure switch is that it monitors the oil pressure in your engine's crankcase, which is essential to its operation. When an oil pressure sender is defective, it needs to be replaced as soon as possible for your vehicle to function properly and give you a visual of your engines' oil pressure.

Most oil pressure switches are constructed of a combination of metal and plastic, and function as a basic pressure switch. They are mounted to a port on the engine's crankcase and when the oil pressure builds up, it closes the switch allowing it to complete the circuit to your oil pressure indicator and other components on your vehicle. Oil pressure gauges are standard on most vehicles these days, but some are just equipped with a light to warn you of an oil pressure issue.

Oil pressure sending units are normally very easy to replace. It is usually just a basic pressure switch that screws into the engine block and has a couple wires attached to it to complete a circuit. The ground for the circuit is simply the case grounding through the engine to the frame of the vehicle. Once you have located the sending unit, you need to remove any components or obstructions to provide clear access to remove and replace it properly. You start by removing the wire connections to the device, carefully removing any retaining clips to prevent damaging them. After everything is out of the way you just need to unscrew the oil pressure switch from the engine block. Make sure that you use the proper tools to do this it may require a special socket in some cases. Then install the new pressure switch, making sure that everything is secured properly.

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