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The oil sump is a place in the engine usually at the bottom where runoff oil collects and is usually the car's oil pan. Generally there are two types, the dry sump and the wet sump. They both serve to properly cool the engine which is vital for all motors.

The dry type uses secondary pumps and reserves while the wet type uses just one pump and reserve. The vast majority or production cars and trucks use a wet sump design. The dry type offers a lot of advantages such as easily serviced pumps, larger oil capacity, improved weight distribution and better maintenance of oil pressure during high speed handling maneuvers. The main disadvantages are the added cost and complexity. They will need more oil and maintenance.

The dry sump is most commonly found in racing and high performance cars where cooling and proper pressure are vital to the engines performance and success at the track. The wet type has the oil pan built into the bottom of the engine where a pump circulates it back through the engine. It has the benefit of being less costly and difficult to design. It does not need tubes of hoses which increase the chances of a leak. The main negative is that the oil and move around in the sump in high speed cornering which may starve the engine of the required oil.

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