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The Ford parking brake cable is more important than what most car or truck owners think. This cable is part of the manual braking system installed on all Ford models today and in the past. Not only will this system keep your vehicle from rolling down the hill when it is parked, but can also slow your car or truck down if the hydraulic braking system has a failure. The number of Ford parking brake cables on most vehicles of this make is three. There is the lead parking brake cable connected to the lever or pedal in the passenger compartment. The other end of that cable is connected to a junction under the car or truck. At that junction are the forward ends of the two rear parking brake cables. The other end of those cables is directly attached to the rear brake shoes mounted in your drum brakes. This is how they actually either keep your vehicle from rolling or can be used as a manual braking system on your Ford vehicle. On long wheel base vehicles, there may be an intermediate cable connecting the front and rear cables. If just one of the rear parking brake cables breaks, it will be noticed in the amount of pressure that can be applied at the pedal or the lever. The typical time they break is when pressure is being supplied to them. This is with a simple snap of tension being released. If the front parking brake cable snaps, the lever or pedal will have no friction in it at all. The replacement of this component on your Ford is highly recommended. It does not improve the performance of your vehicle, but makes it safer to park and drive down the road.