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When you have decided to replace the parking brake shoes in the rear rotors of your car or truck, you may also need to consider the need for new parking brake hardware. It's definitely not everyone's first thought, but after years of use these springs, clips, pins, and screws can get coated with grease and dirt; rendering them vulnerable to failure or completely useless. If you have your rear brakes taken apart, it would be advantageous to simply put a new parking brake hardware kit in place. This will give you piece of mind each time you engage the parking brakes on an incline or decline. And in worst case scenarios, you will definitely want a fresh set of hardware in the rare and frightening instance where you need to use your emergency brake to stop your car or truck faster than your hydraulic brakes will.

Today's parking brakes usually consist of a 1-piece shoe inside each rear rotor. It is shaped like the letter "C", and in the opening at the bottom is an adjuster screw. This ensures the rest of the shoe is properly spaced so that when the parking brakes are engaged the pivot pin and springs can push it into the interior surface of the rotor. If this is not done properly, the shoe's friction material will not contact the rotor and the brakes will be useless. That's why new parking brake hardware kits are vital when installing new shoes.

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