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The Ford PCV valve provides a path for the gases from the combustion chamber that leak into the crank case to be used again by introducing them to the intake on your engine. This component has been a part of the internal combustion engine for the past several decades. A properly functioning PCV valve will help your engine achieve its maximum potential in both performance and fuel mileage for your Ford vehicle. When the Ford PVC valve does not operate properly, not only does the fuel mileage and performance suffer, but if the valve is jammed closed then the pressure in your crankcase will build up and have to vent in another location. The place where this venting occurs will be a weak point on your engine, but is generally the valve cover. A Ford owner will notice this when a new oil leak begins and seems to have some pressure behind it causing the oil to flow out. The location of the PCV valve changes with each model and make of vehicle. A typical place is on top of the valve cover where it is just fitted into a polymer grommet. This means of inserting it into the engine also provides a relief valve of sorts. If the pressure in the crankcase builds up to excessive levels, the PCV valve can be pushed out of its placement by the pressure, relieving your engine of this condition. The replacement of the PVC valve on your Ford engine requires no tools. Once it is located, the owner can push the valve inside of it to see if it was stuck. The resistance on this valve is a small spring which will become depressed when sufficient pressure is applied against it opening this pathway. Being jammed open or closed will adversely affect your engines performance.