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Aftermarket & OEM Pneumatic Air Compressor Pump

Luxury cars and stylish driving are all about the smooth ride. Getting a car to ride smooth is one thing, but allowing it to also handle as well is important. That is where air suspensions come in. One component of these complex but excellently engineered systems is the pneumatic air compressor pump. This pump helps provide a smooth constant ride regardless of the road conditions. As more passengers and luggage are placed in a vehicle, the weight can be unevenly distributed causing the chassis to sag or the car to sit low. The self-leveling system compensates for this and keeps the ride level even for a smoother ride and flatter handling. The pump functions to push air into the bellows to keep the car's ride height even. It often allows electronic height adjustment by the driver. Cadillac and Citroen were some of the earliest automakers to mass-market a self-leveling suspensions system. More recently, a large variety of vehicles from various makes have used the air suspension components and they need the pneumatic air compressor pump. Changing these pumps can be a complex and difficult job. If you are doing the job, you may want to consider changing other parts such as the air springs, bellows and hydraulic valves.

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