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The cleaner and shinier your car, truck, or SUV is presents a public display of how important it is to you and your desire to maintain it properly. Good quality cleaners are required to completely remove road grime that deteriorates paint and pits expensive wheels if not removed in a timely manner. When your vehicle is exposed to conditions associated to salt like the ocean air or salt used to facilitate snow removal then effective cleaning methods are even more important. Waxing your automobile protects it from the elements by creating a protective barrier over painted surfaces. Wax will not repair an aged paint job, but it will enhance the appearance and deter future damage to the paints condition. Wax coats and protects paint jobs and the process of applying it when the vehicle is brand new and keeping the routine ongoing brings the best results. The belief that polish and wax complete the same process is a huge misunderstanding. Polish is an abrasive compound that removes very fine layers of the surface to flatten high spots creating an even and brighter shine. Protecting the exterior of a vehicle and maintaining it properly will increase its value while saving you money on repairs.

The quality of wax used in the automotive industry has evolved over the years and wax containing carnauba has been proven most effective due to some of its qualities. It is not water soluble which means it withstands rain and high pressure car washes to maintain the protection of painted surfaces. Carnuaba has a very high tolerance to heat up to approximately 180 degrees so it holds up to intense sun. When combined with other waxes and solvents to create a useable product that can be applied correctly the result is a high gloss finish.

The most effective process to enhance the exterior appearance of your car, truck, or SUV is a good old fashion manual car wash. The wheels and tires should be cleaned using wheel and tire cleaner to remove the road grime and brake dust that accumulates on them. The body of the vehicle should be washed using an automotive car wash solution one area at a time. It's very important to rinse the automobile thoroughly to remove the residue from the soap and wheel cleaner completely. You should dry the car using a chamois to eliminate water spots. After the car is clean and dry you can apply the wax or polish of your choice, applying it to one fender at a time. This process should be accomplished in a shaded area because the sun will over dry the product making it very hard to remove and buff properly.

The quality of the products we use to clean and protect our cars and trucks is very important. Cleaners must be effective to remove grime and residue completely before applying protective coatings. Car parts Discount has multiple options when it comes to quality cleaning products with popular brands like OER and Sonax available. CPD also carries the best car polish and wax products that you require to protect your investment. Preventive maintenance performed to keep your vehicle protected saves you money. Most dull looking and rusted cars and trucks you see driving down the road could have been saved if they would have been cleaned properly.