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It is the Buick power steering pump that provides the hydraulic pressure necessary for the easy turning of the steering wheel in your car. The pressure it supplies is carried to the actuators in the steering system of your Buick that actually turns the wheels with less effort needed by the driver than the old manual system. The replacing of the power steering pump on your Buick is required if the pump can no longer compress the hydraulic fluid. It will also need to be replaced if the seal in the shaft, where the pulley is located, begins to leak. If the seal is leaking the fluid will squirt from the power steering pump due to the centrifugal force of the spinning shaft. Upon inspection of this auto part, the oil will be seen on the other parts around it but might not be actually seen on the pump itself. On most Buicks, the power steering pump is located at the front of the engine on the lower left or right side. This location helps to minimize the length of the lines and hoses necessary to connect the pump to the mechanical parts of the steering system. The failure of a Buick power steering pump will be noticed in the steering wheel. One of the symptoms includes an increase in the amount of effort required to turn the steering wheel. If you experience a jerking sensation during turns or more effort required to make those turns, then the level of the hydraulic fluid in your power steering unit might be low or air is present in the lines. If either of these is experienced, then an inspection of your power steering unit is required and the replacement of your power steering pump might have to occur to ensure the car can be operated safely.