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The Chevrolet power steering pump is the source of the hydraulic pressure that enables a driver to turn their steering wheel easy today. The power steering pump not only supplies the means in which the hydraulic pressure is generated, but it is also the place where the reservoir for this fluid is located. Many Chevrolet power steering pumps last the lifetime of the car. The only time they tend to fail is if the front seal on the pulley shaft becomes worn out over time. This can be noticed by the owner of the Chevrolet when oil is present on the front portion of the power steering pump. When the shaft is turning and leaking, the oil will produce a large spray due to the centrifugal force of this mechanism. When your car is parked in the same spot for some time, a puddle will also appear below it on the pavement. This puddle under your Chevrolet will be cleaner than motor oil. If a leak on the power steering pump goes unnoticed or ignored for too long of a period on your Chevrolet, the hydraulic fluid level will drop. Once the fluid passes a certain level air will be pumped into this closed system which will be felt in the steering wheel when the driver attempts to turn the car and finds it difficult to turn. Replacement of the power steering pump is the only remedy to this problem. The seal cannot be replaced and the entire pump must be removed and replaced to make this system closed again. All Chevrolets made today have this hydraulic pump on the front of the vehicle. It makes steering and handling of the car easier as it travels on the highways and byways of this great nation.