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The pressure supplied by the Dodge power steering pump makes it possible to turn your car or truck with just a couple of fingers instead of both hands like with manual steering of the past. This is the component that pressurizes the hydraulic fluid so the other steering parts will be activated and move. The power steering pump is generally located on either the driver's or passenger's side lower section on the front of the most Dodge engines. On top of the power steering pump is a cap with a dip stick attached to it. This is how the fluid level of this component is checked. It should never be above the maximum or below the minimum level as marked. Below the minimum level indicates there is a leak in this closed loop hydraulic system. Filling this reservoir above the maximum could cause the seal of the power steering pump to fail on your Dodge. The Dodge power steering pump will fail in time because there is a polymer seal in the shaft where it receives its centrifugal movement. This seal generally does not fail until the vehicle has over 100,000 miles on it, or unless there is too much fluid in the system. If a leak does occur a puddle under the pump will appear. This fluid is thinner and cleaner than motor oil, and it will be leaking from the shaft. If so, then replacement of this power steering pump is required or your Dodge will experience power steering failure in the near future. It is possible to keep filling the reservoir with fluid, but this will only make the leak worse in time.