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The only purpose of the Ford power steering pump is to make driving more enjoyable for the driver of the vehicle. This is a hydraulic pump located on the front of the Ford engine which is driven by the drive belt system on the engine. The Ford power steering pump is a reliable component that rarely wears out. When it does need replacing is when the seal on the pulley shaft begins to leak hydraulic fluid. This will cause the reservoir in the power steering pump to lose fluid. If the fluid level drops too low, air will be introduced to the hydraulic system which can be felt in the steering wheel. This will be a jerking movement of the wheel when it is being turned. The driver of the Ford vehicle can also experience greater resistance in the turning motion if the power steering pump is failing or no longer has sufficient hydraulic fluid in it. A visual inspection of the power steering pump will indicate if the seal is ruptured. Hydraulic fluid will cover the back side of the pulley and there could also be a puddle of this clear oil on the pavement below your Ford. Hydraulic fluid should be added to the reservoir by pouring it into the top of the power steering pump where the dip stick is located. Be careful not to overfill even though it is leaking. This overfilling will cause the rupture in the seal to increase. Replacement of this power steering component is required because after some time, the seal will totally go out and no hydraulic fluid will be able to remain the reservoir. When this occurs only air will be in the power steering lines and hoses which will make maneuvering your vehicle very difficult.