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The Toyota power steering pump derives its power from the polymer drive belt that turns its pulley. The power steering pump pressurizes the hydraulic fluid so it can be used to easily move the other steering components when the driver decides to maneuver the vehicle. Just like the polymer drive belt that wears out over time because of the material it is made from, the seal in the power steering pump will also rupture in time. This permits the hydraulic fluid in the reservoir of the pump to leak out and create a puddle under the Toyota. This will be the first indication the owner will know there is a problem. The negative effects of the seal leaking on the Toyota power steering pump will not be felt in the steering wheel by the driver at first. This is since the hydraulic fluid that is leaking out has not entered the closed loop system of the power steering unit. Because of that no air has entered this system and will not if the rupture in the seal on the pulley shaft of the power steering pump is noticed before the fluid level gets too low. If an inspection under the hood of your Toyota identifies this problem, the reservoir in the power steering pump should be filled up. This will give the owner of the vehicle a small allotment of time to get a replacement pump and have it placed on the Toyota. If the problem is just ignored, then total power steering failure will occur. The exact time frame for that to occur is dependent on the size of the rupture in the seal on the pump's shaft.