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When you operate a Jaguar, you should know that keeping it running well is imperative. If a Rack & Pinion fails it can result in an unquestionably inconvenient experience for any driver. Qualities such as sporty handling and European styling are what make your vehicle special, which is probably driving your passion for it. Anyone who owns a Jaguar will figure out that only the most reliable Rack & Pinion parts are the only ones that belong on their automobile.

It's that time... you are fixing your car's Rack & Pinion.

Without the use of your Jaguar steering rack and pinion, you are driving the same way drivers from the 1950s did. Power steering has certainly made driving a more pleasurable experience, and that is because a complete forearm workout isn't required to make turns or parking maneuvers. Your rack and pinion uses hydraulic assistance from your power steering pump to multiply the movements of your steering gear box and their effect on your tie rods. To ensure your Jaguar is ready for the road, make sure your steering components are replaced if they are broken or failing.

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