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Radiator Core Mount & Bushing

Aftermarket & OEM Radiator Core Mount & Bushing

If you experience a vibration noise coming from the engine compartment of your car or truck this may be due to worn or damaged radiator core mounts. These components protect the radiator assembly from unwanted movements and vibrations during vehicle operation. These devices are essential to absorb vibrations and properly secure the radiator as well. If they are worn or damaged the radiator and other associated components will vibrate and this may possibly allow metal to metal contact to occur. This situation applies added stress to the coolant hoses and clamps which can lead to other issues such as coolant leaks developing. Radiators are fragile devices that must be protected and secured appropriately requiring radiator mounts and bushings to be replaced as soon as a defect is discovered.

Radiator mounts and bushings are constructed using a combination of rubber and metal to meet application requirements. They are designed to establish a buffer between the radiator core the mounting surface to eliminate metal to metal contact. These devices secure the radiator in place and absorb the vibrations created during vehicle operation. They also incorporate a metal sleeve to contain mounting bolts in most situations. Radiators are very prone to damage based on their design and require these devices to reduce their vulnerability to vibrations and metal to metal contact that will disable them.

In most circumstances replacing radiator core mounts will require you to remove the radiator from the car, truck, or SUV you are accomplishing this repair on. Prior to removing this component you must drain the coolant from it and contain it. In some circumstances other devices and obstructions will also require removal. You must handle the radiator very carefully because they are fragile components. Once everything is replaced and secured you will need to service the coolant to the cold level.

Radiator core mounts are specific to the application and must be quality OEM replacement parts. Repairs on our vehicles are essential to provide a safe and dependable mode of transportation and this requires quality parts. Car Parts Discount is a leading provider for the best quality parts available. CPD is always open for your convenience and provides the quality service you expect.