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There are many Chevrolet relays on your car. This is an electrical device that opens and closes a circuit which permits an electrical current to flow through it. Relays are used to control multiple components electrical systems and when a reduction in voltage to the switch in a system is required.

To know if a relay on your Chevrolet is working can be done by simply listening to it. When activated a Chevrolet relay will make a ticking noise once. A non-functioning one will make no sound. It could be non-functioning due to the part being bad or it has no electrical current being supplied to it.

The testing of a relay requires a voltage meter. Each one should have a minimum of 12 volts supplying it. If the one you are testing on your Chevrolet has this power supply but is not working, then it should be replaced. If no power is registered on your meter, then the lack of voltage has to be investigated and the problem could not be this electrical device. Once power is restored, it should be tested again. This can be done by listening to it or checking the voltage on the output side of the component.

This simple device is on nearly every electrical system on your vehicle. Looking at your car?s wire diagram will indicate the color of wire it is connected to, but not necessarily its location. That has to be done visual and can be a time consuming process.

Select Your ModelThere are relays on a Chevrolet under the hood, under and in the dash, in the fuse box and a few in the trunk. Many times the hardest part of replacing one is actually locating it. Replacing it once its location is found is simply unplugging it and plugging in the new one.