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The task of the Chrysler Relay is to either split the electrical impulses necessary for a multiple component system to be activated or to reduce the level of voltage that a component needs to become activated.

When a relay is activates on the electrical system in a Chrysler, a clicking noise can be heard. This is the movement of the internal components of this electrical device making contact so the flow of current can proceed through it. The problem of locating a faulty Chrysler relay is that they remain silent so their detection is made harder for the investigator of your vehicle's problem.

Another complication in locating a faulty relay on your vehicle is that it can be located anywhere in the vehicle. The depreciation of the electrical charge over the small area a vehicles electrical system covers is not enough to limit the location of the electrical components. This is why the electrical device a relay activates can be in the dashboard but the activating device can be in the trunk of the vehicle.

This is an electrical component that might be able to be rebuilt, but the wires and connection on the inside of its housing are so delicate that most Chrysler owners just replaces the worn part. They are also relatively very inexpensive and the time to rebuild them is more than the amount spent on a new component.

If you own a Chrysler and suspect a relay is faulty but are having trouble locating the correct one, a service manual can be consulted. They have the exact location of every electrical device in then. There is also an electrical schematic that has the color codes of the wires for all of the connection in the electrical system that can be consulted and utilized in locating the device you need to replace.