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There is a Dodge relay on almost every electrical system and component on your vehicle. With the creation of this simple yet vital device, the accessories on your Dodge are now capable of doing their assigned tasks. This device in the electrical systems on a Dodge will reduce the voltage in circuits for some components that require less than 12 volts. The Dodge relay is also used to control multiple items with the same signal.

Under the dash of the new Dodge car and trucks is a cover. This insulates the noise the relays make when activating. This noise is a simple click when contact is made inside of the device creating a connection for current to flow. It is this clicking sound that indicates that the relay is working properly. If you turn on a system in your car or truck and it does not active, then the first place to look for a fault is the relay.

The hardest thing about replacing this electrical component of your vehicle is actually locating the right one. Unlike oil and water components on your vehicle that require the shortest possible line connecting them, electrical circuits do not typically degrade over the distance it would travel inside of your vehicle. For this reason many engineers get very inventive in their placement of this electrical device. This makes finding the right one very difficult at times so replacement of the faulty part can be accomplished.

Select Your ModelToday there are electrical relays under the dash, under the hood, under seats and even a few in the trunk of your vehicle. Some manuals show their actual location but the wiring diagram will only indicate what color wire connects them. Replacement is then easy once the right one is found. This is a simple unplugging and plugging in the new one.