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The electrical properties of the Ford Relay make it possible for it to have several different functions on your vehicle. The relay is a very basic electrical switch on your Ford that can be used to activate an electrical device or system with multiple components. At the same time it can reduce the amount of electrical current that will flow to any device so it will not burn out.

When a Ford relay is in proper operational status it will make a slight clicking noise once when it is activated. This is the movement inside of it and contact of the metal bar inside of it completing the circuit so electrical current can flow. The two biggest problems with a faulty relay include that it makes no sound when the system is turned on. They are also very difficult to isolate and locate since they can be located anywhere on the vehicle. Because of these two reasons, if a system does not initiate, the diagnosis process of finding the faulty part can take hours to locate if the faulty part if it is the relay in the system on your Ford.

The reason a relay cab be placed anywhere in the electrical wiring harness on your vehicle is due to the fact that the electrical impulse does not degrade over a small distance. The wiring harness on your Ford might appear to you are extensive but in relative terms it is not. Most of the electoral control devices that handle the switching on of engine components are under the hood, but for the fuel system in the rear of your vehicle, the dash board is a more likely location for them to be located.