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The power of the Oldsmobile Relay is why the electrical accessories in your vehicle can function upon demand by the driver. This is just as very small box with a limited amount of circuitry inside of it and one moving bar that is used to lower the voltage being transferred to electrical devices and or switching on multiple items.

The use of the Oldsmobile relay is kind of like an electrical safety device. Power is always running to it instead of the device it activates. This way if there is an electrical short on your Oldsmobile, only the inexpensive relay has to be replaced instead of a more expensive electronic device like the passenger cabin temperature control system as an example.

For each electrical device on your Oldsmobile, there is a relay in its circuitry leading to it so it can be activated. Most of the ones used for devices under the hood are also located there near the device they activate because there is ample space for them. This is not always the case, especially inside of the passenger compartment. The location of a relay that initiates the electrical current for a device can literally be located anywhere there is amble space for it not so it is close to the device it is activating. It is possible since the electrical signal being sent to activate a device does not degrade over the short distance it will travel in your Oldsmobile wiring harness. This is one of the reasons when a relay malfunctions and a device can no longer be activated, the location of the faulty part is at times very difficult and why a service manual is very handy to have around as a reference tool.