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The electronic Pontiac relay is one of the most numerous components on your vehicle. This is a device that will make it possible for many of the electrical devices on your Pontiac to be activated when it is desired by the driver.

There are two different functions of a relay in your electrical system. There are many that reduce the voltage input of the signal so the device will not short out. It can also be used as a junction portal splitting a single electrical signal into many different ones so more than one device can be active at once.

There are so many Pontiac relays on your vehicle; they can be found literally everywhere. They are under the hood, in the trunk, under the dash and seats and even in the door panels. The most difficult part of replacing a relay for any particular system on your Pontiac is locating the correct one.

Because there is very little degradation of the electrical signal sent through the wiring harness in your Pontiac, a relay can be in one compartment and the device it activates can be in another. This is one of the reasons the location of the correct relay when a system is failing to activate occurs to be difficult.

Select Your ModelThere are many diagrams and references in both the owner's manual and repair manual made specifically for the model of vehicle you own. They can be very useful in locating the correct relay no matter where it is. As an example the wiring diagram will show the color of wires for each of these electrical devices. What you should be aware of is that the length of the wire between these connections is not specified or in scale on a wiring diagram.