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Whether you are a do-it-yourself shadetree mechanic or an experienced authorized shop, one item that is indispensable is a repair manual. These shop books contain a wide variety or directions, advice, diagrams, pictures, and parts list to give you all the information that you need to repair any vehicle. Sometimes they come as generic guides and other times you can find the exact repair manual for you make and model of car. Even if you do not repair your car yourself, they are a great guide to have if something goes wrong or you need more information than can be offered from the car's owner's manual. Owning a repair manual can help you find the part you need or name the part that you need. They can be kept for reference or later resold or given away to others who have the same car. A great value of the specific shop books is that they do not need updating and will always have a long shelf life. Each book should contain information on electronic engine controls, engine computer codes, maintenance schedules, wiring diagrams, diagnostics, wiring diagrams and engine specifications.

They are usually thick paperback books but may come in hardcover and increasingly they are available as CD-ROMs or computer files. They are often specific to a make and model. Shop manuals such as these were at first produced by the manufacturers and given to dealerships in order to help service the car. Many aftermarket companies have produced their own versions of these manuals and sold them for less than what the dealer sells them for. Many have a print similar to phone with just black ink but now, more are being printed with four color photographs.

We offer a limited selection of repair manuals. Some are unique to make and model while others are more general in nature covering a wide variety of makes and models or just giving basic information on the mechanics of a car. As always you can count on Car Parts Discount's low prices and great customer service. Get a new repair manual today and start work on your project big or small. These are a bog help when it comes to any job like a suspension alignment, engine rebuild, carburetor repair, or any body or interior restoration.