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It's well known in modern times that in order to traverse this world in any vehicle, it will have to be equipped with some kind of suspension. Contrary to what most people might think, the majority of the world isn't paved with asphalt, and even the parts that are can still be pretty rough if they aren't properly maintained. The suspension on vehicles helps to make traversing these roads a bit more comfortable and less teeth-shatteringly bumpy. A shock absorber or strut does this job in a few different ways. The primary resistance is the fluid and gas chamber that gets compressed with the shock shaft is shortened. Usually, this is enough to counter anything you'll find on a normal drive on the highway. If for some reason there's an unexpected bump in the road, or you hit that speed bump a little too fast, what's to stop that shaft from punching straight through the bottom of the shock tube? The part you'd be thinking of is called a bump stop. It's a rubber bushing, about the size of a tennis ball on most vehicles, that's shaped like a cylinder with a hole down the middle. It slips onto the shaft and prevents the suspension from causing damage during "bottom out" maneuver. It's the last resort before damage occurs so it's pretty important. Most shock absorbers come with new ones anyway, but sometimes they can degrade quickly in hotter or colder climates, or in dusty and salty air. If they need to replaced, it's a good idea to do so as soon as possible. Whether you're looking to replace the whole shock absorber, or just the smaller components, Car Parts Discount has a selection of bump stops and the related parts available for a variety of vehicles at the lowest possible prices.