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The Chevrolet shock absorber has only one function which is to dampen the up and down motion of your vehicle. There are either 2 or 4 shock absorbers on your Chevrolet model depending on the type of suspension it was built with. The reasons Chevrolet owners keep track of the condition of the shock absorbers on their cars varies, but the top 2 include a smoother ride and a reduction in damage to other parts from excessive bouncing up and down of the vehicle. The test to see if the Chevrolet shock absorbers that are currently on your car can be done by the owner of the vehicle. By depressing a corner of the car where a shock is located then releasing the pressure, the number of bounces and the travel distance should be observed. Once released the car should move up then back to a still position if the shock is in proper working order. If the car moves up and down 2 or more times, the shock absorbers on that Chevrolet are showing signs of wear. An inspection of the shocks can also indicate they might need replacing. A shock absorber is a closed loop hydraulic system. There is a seal on the shaft that extends out and is attached to the frame of the car. If any fluid is seen on this shaft then the shock is beginning to fail and should be replaced. When it comes to replacing this suspension part, most recommended that all of them be done at the same time and not individually. If one shock is failing, the others are also close to being worn out. The replacement of them all will also provide the driver with a smoother overall ride.