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It is vertical control that the Chrysler Shock Absorbers provides for the owner and passengers of this type of vehicle. These suspension components are a closed loop hydraulic system on all rear wheel driven Chryslers.

Most people are aware of how uncomfortable it is to ride in a vehicle with a set of worn shock absorbers, but most do not even consider what this excessive movement is doing to the other components on the Chrysler. This excessive movement has been known to dislodge parts for their mounts and rattle others loose causing them to fail.

If you suspect the Chrysler shock absorbers on your vehicle are worn out and negatively effecting the rest of the vehicle then they should be tested. This is a simple test that will demonstrate if the closed loop hydraulic system in the shock absorbers still has the ability to dampen the vertical movement of your vehicle. By one corner of the Chrysler being depressed by pushing down on a fender, then the releasing of the pressure, the movement of the body of the vehicle has to be observed. This is called the bounce test.

When a hydraulic shock absorber is functioning properly, the results from this test will be the body of the vehicle moving upward then back to a resting position. If the body of the vehicle moves more than this, they are worn. The more times the vehicle's body moves up and down, the greater the wear that is present in the suspension system. This testing of the shock absorbers on your vehicle can be accomplished by the owner of the vehicle. If just one shock fails,, the rest are either going to fail or are very close too and all of them should be replaced.