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Dodge Shock Absorber

It is the Dodge shock absorbers that dampen up and down motion and bring your bouncing vehicle back to level. On most models, there is a set of shock absorbers in the rear; and on a few older models they may have a pair in the front. If you only have 2 in the rear, then the front has MacPherson struts on them to absorb the up and downward movement of your vehicle. The shock absorbers on your Dodge are situated near the springs of your vehicle. The springs steady your Dodge while the shock absorbers make the ride smooth by absorbing the movement the spring has just created. This way the passengers will not feel like they are in a stagecoach of years gone past. As time goes on, they absorb the up and downward movement of the vehicle and will eventually wear out. To test the efficiency of just how well your Dodge shock absorbers can function requires the manual movement of the vehicles body up and down. This can be done by the vehicle owner by pushing down in a corner of the car or truck and releasing the pressure. If the vehicle goes up then back to a stationary position, the shock absorbers are functioning as needed. If the car or truck move up and down 2 or more times, replacement of this suspension part is recommended. Another way to determine if the shock absorbers on your Dodge need replacing is to look at them. They have a closed loop hydraulic system in them. If there is any leakage of hydraulic fluid, generally on the shaft, the seal is worn out and replacement is required. The danger of not replacing worn out shock absorbers is that the excessive movement up and down can rattle other components on your vehicle cause them to also fail in time.