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For a smooth ride, the Ford shock absorbers must reliably and continuously perform their function as designed. This is the suspension component that steadies your vehicle while traveling down the road over uneven surfaces. The shock absorbers are a closed loop hydraulic system that cushions the movement created by the springs on your Ford car or truck. If your car or truck has independent front suspension then there are only two of them on the rear of your Ford, otherwise you have four of them, one for each wheel. The testing of the Ford shock absorbers can be accomplished by the owner, but must be done one at a time. The corner of the vehicle must be pushed down sufficiently so the body will bounce. When the pressure is released, the body should move up once and then back to a still position. If the shock absorber is worn, then the body will move up and down more than once during this test. Each corner of your vehicle must go through this test to so all of the shock absorbers can be diagnosed. Another way to diagnose a faulty shock absorber is to do a visual inspection. This is a closed hydraulic system, so if there is any fluid seeping from this suspension component it has to be replaced. If you find out that just one of these suspension components is worn on your Ford, then it is recommended that all of them on the vehicle to be replaced at the same time. This is advisable so the smoothest ride possible can be obtained when traveling down the road. If this replacement is not done not only will the ride be uncomfortable for the passengers of the vehicle, but other parts on the car or truck could be damaged from the excessive movement of the body.