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The ability of the Jeep Shock Absorber to dampen the vertical movement of the body is how a smooth ride is obtained for the driver and occupants of the vehicle so it can be enjoyed. The shock absorber mounted to your Jeep is a closed loop hydraulic component that dampened the movement of the body so stability can be restored when an obstacle is encountered on the road and the wheels are forced to be moved in a vertical direction.

There is a shock absorber or some other type of vertical dampening device on every wheel assembly on Jeep vehicles that have been made. Independent of the type of dampening device that is installed on your vehicle, the test to see if it is functioning follows how the first shock absorbers were tested by owners and technicians.

This test of the Jeep shock absorbers is commonly called the bounce test. It got its name from the way the test is conducted; the body of the vehicle is literally bounced. By depressing one fender of the vehicle down then releasing this pressure, the body of the vehicle will move in a vertical direction. The number of times this movement occurs or number of bounces that are observed by the inspector has to be noted. The greater the number of times the body moves up and down again, the more the shock absorbers are worn on the vehicle being tested.

As a good point of reference for all Jeep owners to know is the fact that a new set of shocks will move up once then back to a still position. If your vehicle moved vertically more than this, then the shocks are worn and replacement is warranted.