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The Lincoln Shock Absorber is the suspension component that reduces the movement of the body when an obstacle on the road is encountered by the wheel. The shock absorber is a hydraulic unit that dampens the movement of the vehicle so stability can be maintained when the Lincoln is being operated.

On all older and many of the new model Lincolns there is a shock absorber associated with each wheel assembly. They are in place so they will control the vertical movement of the body so the passengers and components in the Lincoln can be transported with an increased level of comfort and reduced vibration. As the shock absorber wears in time, this movement increases causing the need for them to be replaced.

The testing of the shock absorbers is accomplished while they are mounted on the vehicle. One of the corners of the vehicle is pushed down then the pressure released. The observer should count the number of times the body of the vehicle moves vertically up and down. This is referred to as the bounce test. As a point of reference for the owner of the vehicle, a new set of shocks will limit the movement of the body up then back to a resting position when this test is preformed on them.

If this test is preformed on a vehicle and the body continues to move up and down several times, the Lincoln shock absorbers are worn and should be replaced. Not only will a new set of shock provide a more comfortable ride for the passengers but help to provide a working environment for the components on the vehicle that has fewer vibrations so they can operate as they were designed too for a longer period of time.