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The smooth ride a set of Mercedes-Benz shock absorbers provide your vehicle will only last for so long before these suspension components will require replacement. They are a closed loop hydraulic system that contains seals which will wear out in time from being used. There are generally two shock absorbers on all Mercedes-Benz vehicles that are manufactured today, and four on vehicles produced in the past. Their function is to reduce the bounce created by the springs when inconsistencies are encountered while traveling down the road. It is the amount of bounce they absorb which indicates if they are worn and in need of being replaced or not. Since the weight distribution on a Mercedes-Benz is greater on the front than the rear of the vehicle, it is the front shock absorbers that tend to wear out first. They can be easily tested by the owner of the Mercedes-Benz by just depressing the front fender on one side of the car. When the pressure is released, the number of times the car goes up and down should be counted. If it takes more than one bounce up and one bounce down to come to a resting position, the shock absorbers are showing signs of wear on them and replacement is either required or very near. If worn shock absorbers are not replaced, the entire vehicle will be subjected to excessive movement and vibrations as the vehicle is driven on the road. This will cause other components on your vehicle to wear out faster or even break while the car is being operated. For this reason alone, the replacement of the Mercedes-Benz shock absorbers should be done at the first indication of wear occurring. It will reduce the repair cost the owner will have to pay over the lifetime of owning their vehicle.