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The Nissan shock absorber is another of the many hydraulic systems on your vehicle, but is often forgotten about since there are no lines or hoses in this suspension component. There are either 2 or 4 shock absorbers on all Nissan cars and trucks made today and in the past. Because the shock absorbers are a hydraulic system, they have seals in them that will eventually fail. When this system is breached by a failing seal, the shocks will no longer be able to function as they were intended to and will require them to be replaced. The best test a Nissan owner can use to determine the condition of their shock absorbers is the bounce test. This is simply when you push down on one corner of your vehicle, and then let it respond. The body of the Nissan should rise up then go back to a resting position if these suspension components are operating properly. If the shock absorber is faulty, then the bouncing of the body will continue past the initial upward and downward movement. The more times it bounces the worse condition your shocks are in. If only one shock fails this test it is advisable to replace them all since they have all been exposed to the same levels of stress over time. There is a second way to know if your Nissan shock absorbers are failing or beginning to fail. This is with a visual inspection of them. If even a small amount of hydraulic fluid can be seen coming from the shaft in the center of it, total failure of this suspension component is eminent and replacement is required. Sometimes this leak may be covered with dirt or dust, so look closely.