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Plymouth Van Shock Absorber
The four Plymouth Shock Absorbers on your vehicle dampen the vertical movement of the body when an uneven road surface is encountered. The shock absorber works because it is a hydraulic cylinder that controls the movement of the springs in stabilizing the body of the Plymouth.

The shock absorbers are connected to the body of the Plymouth and to each wheel assembly. This is so they can work as they are designed too in the absorption of the vertical movement of the body as compared to the wheel assembly. The hydraulic cylinder controls the speed of this movement and brings it to a stop in a controlled manner. Not only does this make the ride more comfortable for the passengers, but it reduces the vibrations and jarring motion the other components on your vehicle have to endure over their lifetime of service to the owner of the vehicle. This is especially important for the moving parts that are negatively affected by those forces that increase the level of friction on their components leading to an increase in wear on them.

In time the Ply mouth shock absorbers will wear and no longer be capable of dampening the vertical movement of the body when an uneven road surface is encountered. The driver of the Plymouth will recognize this in not only the excessive movement of the body, but a decrease in stability in handling the vehicle when maneuvering. This is when the shock absorbers should be replaced on the vehicle.

If worn shock absorbers are permitted to remain on the vehicle for an extended period of time, other components will begin to fail that could lead to a loss of control over the vehicle when maneuvering on the road in avoidance of obstacles or other vehicles.