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A bumpy and noisy car leads to an uncomfortable drive for you and your passengers. A bad shock mount in your vehicles suspension assembly can cause this and should be replaced if you want a smooth ride. You can visually inspect the mount to determine if it needs to be replaced. If the rubber is cracked or worn it will cause a stiff bumpy ride, accompanied by a clunking noise. If the bushing is rusted or damaged you will experience hard cornering while performing a turn or maneuvering a curve in the road. The shock mount helps absorb the impact of a bump in the road so it is susceptible to damage.

If roads were perfectly flat and straight we would have no need for suspension systems, unfortunately roads are full of bumps and curves. Without a fully functional suspension, from the strut mount to the actual shock absorber, your car would be tough to handle when driving on rough roads or turning a corner. The shock mount is the upper attachment point between the chassis and the shock absorber. It is a normal wear and tear item and should be replaced anytime you change out your shock absorbers.

We recommend professional installation but you can save some money changing the shock mounts on your own but it does require some work. Here are a few basic steps, specific to replacing the rear ones on a BMW 3 Series, so some steps may not be required on your car or truck. The car will have to be lifted on a level surface and put on jack stands. You will have to remove the rear tire/wheel in order to be able to remove the shock absorbers. Place a jack stand under the rear control arm, this will keep it from swinging down and possibly damaging something, once the shock absorber is removed. Now you can loosen, but do not remove the lower bolt and nut. Next you need to remove the nuts holding the rear shock mount in place, these can be accessed through the trunk. Now go back to the lower bolt and nut and remove them, be sure to have a hold of the shock as removing this bolt will complete release it. You should be able to pull the shock absorber from the vehicle and separate the mount from it by removing the nut holding it in place. You can now go ahead and install the new and reverse this process to re-install all the parts.

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