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Smog Air Pump Check Valve

Aftermarket & OEM Smog Air Pump Check Valve

The smog air pump check valve allows air to go from the pump to the exhaust system. It may be difficult to tell if this part had failed but it may light up the check engine light on the dash. Inline engines have one check valve and V type engines may have two check valves. It is important to change because your vehicle may not pass the emissions test without it. The smog air pump check valve helps to burn up any unburned fuel that may have left the combustion chamber. This results in cleaner tailpipe emissions and lowers the amount carbon dioxide being released in the atmosphere. The smog air pump check valve is there to make sure that the fresh air and unburned gases are not able to get back into the combustion chambers.

Early cars had virtually no smog or emissions equipment on them. After changes in environmental regulations and more smog being noted in major cities, more laws were passed that required all cars to meet emissions standards. As air pumps were added, they need the smog air pump check valve. The smog pump is also known as the air injection allows fresh air into the exhaust gases for a more clean burn. The smog air pump check valve gets the air flowing in one direction. One of the early pioneers of this type of check valve was Nicolai Tesla. Many different types of it exist but the ones found on cause are usually small black plastic and sort of kettle shaped. Check valves are used for a variety of applications. Any time you need to make sure that air or fluid is only going in one direction. As air is pumped in, the check valve closes to prevent the air from coming back in.

Protecting the environment and keeping the air clean is important. Make sure that your emissions system is running properly with our smog air pump check valves. Brands like Standard Motor Products, URO, Dorman as well as the original equipment manufacturer brands in some cases. With these and any other parts, trust Car Parts Discount's customer service and low prices to get you what you need. We also carry a range of air pumps and air filters to help with all of your exhaust system needs.