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Decreasing harmful emissions caused by unburnt hydrocarbons and fuel is the primary function of the smog pump. This was a device invented in the 1960s, and it has undergone many different evolutions since its inception. At that time, all engines were carbureted so fully combusting the fuel in the exhaust stream was more difficult. A large amount of fuel was introduced to the exhaust when the driver let off the throttle, so the headers would glow dramatically with the extra heat and some fuel would still make it past the tailpipe. When catalytic converters were invented, they made the air pump's job much easier by taking care of this extra fuel a little further down the line. And finally when all engines crossed over to fuel injection, there was far less unburnt fuel in the exhaust system so the pump doesn't have to work very hard anymore. While some tuners and race enthusiasts maintain their stance that the secondary air pump is not necessary anymore, we can assure you that if you are subject to emissions testing in your municipality then you will most certainly fail if it is removed.

Smog pumps draw fresh air from the intake or from a separate port, and pressurize it inside a vane pump. It is driven by either an accessory belt or electric motor. Once pressurized, the air is delivered to the exhaust system before the catalytic converter. A secondary air pump check valve prevents the flow of unburnt hydrocarbons back up through the feed hose to the pump where they could do damage. While modern engine's are already efficient when it comes to emissions, they tend to run rich when cold. The smog pump helps bring the catalytic converter up to operating temperature quickly by burning the rich emissions.

In order to replace your secondary air pump, you will first have to locate it and find out how it is driven. If it is belt-driven, then you will have to remove tension on the belt and remove it from the pulley. If it is driven by an electric motor, then simply unplug the wire harness connector. Now find all the air and vacuum hoses that connect to it and label them. It is crucial that they be re-installed the same way. Next, unbolt the old smog pump and instal the new one in its place. Remember to hook up all the hoses that you removed earlier. Finally, either reconnect the wire harness or replace your drive belt.

Emissions testing is just another cost we all have to bear in order to keep our cars and trucks on the road. Part of that responsibility is making sure the parts of our car that help control emissions are working the way they should be. If your smog pump goes bad, you can definitely get one at Car Parts Discount. Our selection of new replacement or remanufactured smog pumps are certain to bring your car back to operational status once it is installed. Don't look anywhere else for emissions devices when you are in need... buy from CPD and get the job done right.