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Your engine has a specific Acura spark plug that sets the fire that propels you down the road. Without this little sparking device, the gasoline engine would never fire up. A properly working spark plug is one of the three main areas all mechanics checks when an engine is not running. The other areas that are included in this checked other than the spark is compression and fuel delivery. To check the spark of your Acura engine all you need to do is to remove the spark plug from the engine. Then plug is back in to the wire and hold the electrode or base of the plug against a ground. There is generally a place on the engine which is metal and not painted for best possible contact. When the engine is turned over a blue spark should be generated between the end of the electrode and the center rod of the spark plug. If it is weak or not present then your engine's problem with starting is from a component in the ignition system. The manufacturers of this all important part for your Acura include Denso, NGK, Bosch and Autolite as the top current suppliers. Among the different manufacturers, there are also different types of spark plugs. Each different type delivers a spark that could improve the performance of your Acura's engine. These types of spark plugs include the platinum and iridium for the metal component at the end of the plug. There are also those with just 1 electrode at the end. Other variations include 2 or the split version and the 4 or quad version. To help you get the manufacturer and type of Acura spark plug you prefer to ignite your engine there are 197 different plugs to choose from.