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It is the Chevrolet spark plug responsible for the combustion in the engine that propels you down the road ahead of all the rest. The spark plug on your Chevrolet is one of the main three requirements necessary for an internal combustion engine to run. Not only is spark required but also fuel and compression. Without all three of these factors working together, your engine will not run. A spark plug's only responsibility is to ignite the fuel and air mixture in the combustion chamber during the peak of the compression stoke. The force of the explosion pushes the piston down which creates kinetic energy that drives the car forward. To test this part it has to be removed from the engine first. With the ignition wire reattached, the plug should be grounded and the engine should be running. A deep blue spark should emerge from the end of the electrode. If a weak spark or no spark is seen, another spark plug should be inserted and tested. This will help you to determine if it is a faulty plug or a problem elsewhere in the ignition system for the lack of proper ignition in your Chevrolet. The typical Chevrolet spark plug has one electrode and one post. There are replacement plugs made to the same specifications as the original one that came with your car. You also have a choice of two and four post spark plugs along with several more types of metals that conduct electricity better. Each of them does provide improvement to performance and longevity of the ignition system between tune-ups. What has to be said, no matter what type of plug you use in your Chevrolet, it will have to be replaced on a regular basis to keep your engine running efficiently. Remember it is exposed to between 1,000 and 6,000 explosions per minute when the car is running.