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The power provides to the Lincoln Spark Plug is what creates the electrical arc that causes the air and fuel mixture in the combustion chamber to explode. The spark plug used on all Lincolns is constructed of two metal ends with a hollow ceramic cylinder connecting the two ends.

The electrical impulse from the ignition coil is sent through the wires to the spark plug. The metal end on top receives this impulse and sends the electrical charge to the other end through the ceramic middle. The gap between the other metal end and the metal protrusion is where the arc can be seen that ignites the air and fuel mixture. This is called the gap of the plug. This is a specific distance that must be preset before the plug is inserted into the engine block of the Lincoln. If the gap is too great or not enough, the arc's strength will be diminished.

If the owner of the Lincoln is changing or handling the spark plugs, they should do so with care. The ceramic cylinder in the center of the plug can easily be broken just like a ceramic vase. If this does occur, the hollow center will have a breach in it preventing the arc of electricity to travel from one end to the other. The ceramic center of the Lincoln spark plug is generally cracked when it is dropped. Even a short distance can cause the plug to become faulty and in need of being replaced before one is installed in the engine.

The spark plug is a simple component with no moving parts but without it functioning properly, the vehicle will not have the required power to move.