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The explosive force of the Mazda spark plug is what powers your engine. Most Mazda owners just take this little ignition component for granted until they are no longer performing their function. There is a plug for each of the cylinders on your Mazda engine. They must produce an electrical discharge at the correct voltage in the right heat range and at a specific time or else your engine will not run properly. In some situations, oil or excessive exhaust gas particulates can accumulate on the spark plug and fowl it; preventing the spark. The electrode will also wear over time and no longer be at the correct gap for the discharge to occur. The servicing of the spark plugs is called a tune-up. This is a regularly schedule event in the lifespan of your Mazda. Not only are the spark plugs replaced at this time but also the air and fuel filters along with the inspection of the plug wires and other ignition components like the coil. The correct Mazda spark plug is required for the engine to operate as it was designed to. The specifications that matter for this ignition component include the heat range in which it generates an electrical discharge, the depth at which it is placed in the cylinder, and the gap that the electrode and the end of the plug is set at. If any one of these specifications are off, the efficiency at which the spark plug will be able to generate the ignition of the fuel and air mixture will be adversely effected. The number on each plug represents each of the different specification settings it has. This allows for the auto part store to provide the correct plug for your engine every time.