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With the Mitsubishi spark plugs' electrical discharge, the air/fuel mixture can be ignited with the precise level of voltage required for complete combustion. The spark plug is the last component in the ignition system whose only purpose is to ignite the fuel and air mixture in the combustion chamber of each cylinder in your Mitsubishi engine. The spark plugs used in your Mitsubishi are built for specific engine designations. Caution should always be taken when handling the Mitsubishi spark plugs. The plug itself has an electrode at one end and a terminal at the opposite end. In between them is a hollow area surrounded by a ceramic housing. It is this housing that is the most delicate portion of this ignition component. If the plug is dropped for any reason, from any height, this ceramic housing can develop a crack and the vacuum inside of it will no longer be present. If that occurs, the electrical discharge from the input terminal will not be able to reach the electrode at the other end and the spark plug will be faulty. The only adjustment that can and should be made on this ignition component is the gap setting. This is the distance between the L shaped electrode that is at the end of the spark plug protruding from it and the end terminal in the body of this ignition component. With this gap properly set, the electrical discharge can be of sufficient strength so the complete ignition of the air and fuel mixture in the combustion chamber can occur at a consistent level. This will make it possible for the Mitsubishi engine to run a smoothly as possible while performing at it maximum potential.