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The ability of the Oldsmobile spark plug to receive an electrical impulse and transform into a controlled arc is what ignites the fuel and air mixture in the combustion chamber. The path this electrical charge travels to the spark plug begins in the on board computer for the newer models. In the older models of Oldsmobile, its journey begins in the ignition coil. There is a spark plug for each cylinder on your Oldsmobile engine. The specifications for the one used on your model are designed and picked specifically for it. This includes the depth in which this ignition component reaches into the head of the engine so only the electrode at its end is in the combustion chamber. If the plug you plan to use is longer than what is designed for your engine, the electrode will make contact with the piston and damage both components. If the depth is too short, then the Oldsmobile spark plug will not have the ability to ignite the air and fuel mixture completely. Another specification of each type of spark plug for a specific application is the heat range in which the electrical arc is generated. The heat range is set for each engine. If the plug you decide to switch too is too hot, it will burn a hole in the top of the piston causing severe damage to your engine. If it operates at a cooler temperature than what the engine was designed for, the air and fuel mixture in the combustion chamber will not be completely ignited. This will hinder the performance and fuel mileage of what the engine is then capable of producing. The last variable of the spark plug that is placed in your Oldsmobile is the gap. This is the only setting that is manually set on this ignition component and has to be correct for it to properly operate.