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The power of your engine is supplied by the Suzuki spark plug when it ignites the air and fuel mixture in the combustion chambers. The spark plug is the last in line of the ignition components that deliver the electrical charge necessary for your Suzuki internal combustion engine to operate. There is an individual spark plug screwed into each cylinder. This metal to metal contact between the plug and the engine block is what grounds out the plug so the electrical charge can flow through it. Without a good ground, the arc of electricity the Suzuki spark plug is capable of creating will either be reduced or non-existent. For this reason if the threads that hold the spark plug in place in the engine block are damaged from being crossed threaded, then hole should be retapped. No other solution is possible that will have the desired effect. The first step in this retapping of the hole on the Suzuki engine should be done of the same size that currently exists. This will clean up the threads so the new plug can be easily put into place and held firmly. If that is not possible because the threads are so badly damaged, then the next size up in hole size should be done. Then an insert will have to be placed in the hole so the correct spark plug can be used. In the tapping process, metal shavings will be generated. The Suzuki engine block is made of a magnetic metal so a magnet can be used to withdraw the shavings that will fall into the cylinder. If these shavings are not cleaned up and removed, damage to the engine will occur.