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The ability of the Volvo spark plug to create a powerful arc thousands of times a minute is an incredible feat for an auto part that can cost only a couple dollars. There are very few things that can go wrong with this part. On that short list include the plug becoming fouled with oil or gas. In both of those instances, the spark plug can be pulled from your Volvo engine and cleaned. Another problem the owner of a vehicle might encounter is when excessive wear is exhibited by a spark plug. This only occurs when a regularly scheduled tune up is not done in the proper time frame following the periodical maintenance schedule. The only solution for this situation is the installation of new Volvo spark plugs. The function of the spark plug is to receive an electrical current at one end and reproduce it at the other. In the space between the two ends is a ceramic non-conductive material. This ceramic housing section must be one piece without even the smallest crack in it. The most common time for a crack in the ceramic section of the spark plug to be created is when the plug is being handled by the installer. If the plug is dropped from and distance and makes contact with a hard surface, like a concrete floor of a garage, it should be immediately replaced. A crack so small the human eye will not see it will cause this ignition component to fail and not be capable of producing the required spark in the combustion chamber on your Volvo engine. It is the ability of the small cheap spark plug to ignite the air and fuel in the combustion chamber that provides the power to move the vehicle down the road when the Volvo owner desires to go to their destination.