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The Honda starter motor is a modern convenience that most owners of this vehicle would not want to do without. Without this electrical mechanism, you would be unable to start your engine. Since this is an electrical component, the starter motor on your Honda engine will fail to operate at some point during the lifetime of your vehicle. It could be the windings themselves on the interior of the motor or the solenoid. Since they are sold as a unit, either failing component will require the entire unit to be replaced. The location of the starter motor on your engine is under the vehicle. This electrical motor engages the flywheel which is connected to the crankshaft. This is how your engine is turned over so it is capable of firing up. On most Honda models the tracing of the positive battery cable will reveal where the starter motor is since it is connected to it directly. There are also ignition wires connected to the solenoid so it can be activated by the key in the passenger compartment. When your Honda starter motor is failing and needs to be replaced, the procedure only takes a few minutes once the replacement part is on hand. Since the electrical connections are on top of the motor, the mounting bolts have to be taken off to gain access to them. During this time, it has to be supported by means other than the tension of the wires or they could be damaged. This can be another person or a brace of some kind. Because the starter motor is an electrical component with the positive battery cable attached to it, the battery should be disconnected on your Honda before this procedure is undertaken.