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The Nissan starter motor is the electrical component every driver uses to start their vehicle today. Without this small electric motor engaging properly, the engine will not be able to fire up and operate as the driver desires. The starter motor is connected to the flywheel on your Nissan engine. When the ignition key is turned to the start position, a solenoid is activated. It then engages a gear on which the start motor powers to turn the crankshaft of your engine. This enables the engine to artificially operate until the fuel and air mixture is ignited in the engine and it can operate unassisted. Both the starter motor and the solenoid that activates it are electrical components. As such they will require replacement over the lifetime of your Nissan. The exact time of replacement will vary but in most instances, they should last for at least 5 years or 100,000 miles. Once they do falter, there is nothing an owner can do to start their vehicle if they have an automatic transmission. If you own a vehicle with a manual transmission you can manually push start it and slam it into gear artificially turning the engine so it will be able to run. No matter how fast or many times you try that with an automatic transmission will it engage the engine and be able to make it run. The replacement of the starter motor is a simple procedure. In most instances they are only mounted with 2 bolts. Access to the electrical lines connecting the Nissan starter motor to the starting system are on top of the motor and can only be removed once the motor has be removed from the engine block. For this reason, please take care when removing this component on your Nissan, and do not pull the wire too much or you will complicate the replacement process.